Friday, September 10, 2010

The Wolves.

I have been playing Warhammer 40k now for roughly a decade. In that time I have owned and played many armies, but one army has forever held my attention. I am of coarse talking about the Space Wolves.

When I first heard about Warhammer from a close friend, he convinced me that "it is like chess on steroids" which now I can deem is an appropriate term. My thirst for knowledge concerning the 40k universe was unquenchable. I quickly found many stories concerning great deeds of the Space Marine Chapters. One in particular caught my eye. The next day I went to my local GW store and told one of the employee's that I would like to start a 40k army.

"Which army did you have in mind?" he asked me.
To which I replied, "Drunk Vikings in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!"

I bought my very first box of Grey Hunter, 2 Boxes of Blood Claws, a box of Long Fangs, and a Rune Priest. Oh, and the codex of coarse. I proceeded home to assemble my new models. After a few days, I finally get them all pieced together and started my painting.

Years later my collection has grown from a meager 500 points to what I would call an impressive 7000 points. If it has anything to do with the Sons of Russ, I probably have at least 2. All in all I would define myself as a "true" Space Wolf player. I have been playing them for nearly 10 years, unlike those others who were susceptible to the term "Codex Creep". This blog will mainly be for my community of players in the Denver-Metro area, but if you like some of my idea's, feel free to to drop on by.

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