Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The Wolves have 7 different saga's that each add a unique flavor to our HQ's. Add one of these to your character for a little variety. After all variety is the spice of life!

Saga of the Wolkin- This saga can be given to the Wolf Lord, Wolf Priest, and the Wolf Guard Battle Leader. This saga gives Fenrisian Wolves and Cyber Wolves Initiative 5 and Leadership 7. This Saga is really only useful if you want to run lots of Fenrisian Wolves. If this is the case, I would heavily advise against it. It would be fine for a fun game, but they suck something awful.

Saga of the Bear- The Wolf Lord is the only Character who may be given this Saga. It gives your Lord the Eternal Warrior USR from the Warhammer BRB... Saga of the Bear is way cooler to say than Eternal Warrior. This is a great upgrade for any Wolf Lord setup that will turn him into an unstoppable tank. This is best taken in conjunction with Runic Armour and a Storm Shield.

Saga of the Majesty- Here's another Saga that can only be given to your Wolf Lord. It allows all Leadership tests to be re-rolled with-in 6" of the Lord, including the unit he is attached to. Ever had a unit of Thundercav run away on turn 1? I have. This Saga will save you the frustration of having 500+ points run off the board from 4 failed armor saves!

Saga of the Hunter- Can be given to the Wolf Priest and the Battle Leader. This gives your character the Outflank and Stealth USR. Personally, I think this Saga is a bit of a waste. It would be worth its weight in gold if it allowed you to use the Behind Enemy Lines rule that the Scouts get, but it doesn't.

Saga of the Warrior Born- Now we get to the good stuff! This Saga can be given to all of the HQ's. Personally, I would only give it the the Lord, and here's why. This Saga give your model bonus attacks in combat equal to the number of enemy models he killed during the previous phase. Math Hammer says that a Lord with a Runic Axe and Pistol, will have 8.6 attacks if he charges or uses counter-attack in the next assault phase. he will only have 7.6 attacks if he is stuck in combat. The next phase, he should have 9.7 attacks if he get the charge off, or gets charged and passes his counter-attack role... The Lord really tops out around 10 attacks total. The other HQ options top out at slightly lower values. Both Priests are going to get approximately 5 attacks max, and the Battle Leader (if he has a Frost Weapon) will top out at 8 attacks. The above values are based on combat fighting against a T4 model without and Invul. save.

Saga of the Beastslayer- True to its name (Kind of sounds like a kick ass viking title), this saga allows you to re-roll to hit rolls against Monstrous Creatures, Walkers, and opponents with T5 or higher. This Saga can be given to all HQ options. Not a bad upgrade if you have an extra 10 points and not sure what to do with it.

Saga of the Iron Wolf- Can only be given to the Iron Priest, it allows the Vehicle he is riding in to move an extra D3 inches, without penalty to shooting. (If you move 8 inches because of this saga, you only count as moving 6 and may still fire the vehicles weapons) Personally, I have never used this saga, and only use the Iron Priest for non-competitive games.

Well, that's my 2 cents about the Saga's. Hope this helps!

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